Burda 7810 Plus A Nifty Little Trick

I hate making holes in garments.
Whether it's for a pocket, a buttonhole or snaps, I get nervous every time. And as you know, in this one, I even made a hole on the wrong side and was too far in construction to correct it. So this time I delegated and asked Mr C for help. It's his waistcoat, I wasn't going to take all the responsibility.

Here is the nifty little trick : once you've put in the top snaps, rub a bit of blackboard chalk on the inside, fold to the other side, press gently and you'll have perfect placement for the bottom parts.

Apart from the unfortunate upper pocket incident and the bit of procrastination in putting in the snaps, it was a great project. I loved working with the mystery tweed and I got to beef up on bespoke tailoring. Mr C is easy to fit and the vest should ward off the "you never make anything for me" complaints for a little while, so I can sew for myself some more. The Selfish Seamstress would be proud.

3 commentaires :

  1. You did a great job matching the plaids!

  2. Holes make me nervous too! Have to do 5 bound buttonholes soon plus 2 pockets. Dreading it!
    The waistcoat look great!


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