Sewing For Two : The 2011 Edition

I finished something yesterday.
It feels really good because I have several projects going on at the same time and I feel like I am suffering from ADD.
I used Craftzine's Reversible Skirt pattern and the rest of the Alexander Henry Thunder Flower that I love so much and made two skirts, one for my sister, who will wear anything I send over, and one for me. 

I was working with whatever I had left and I had some patchwork to do on the blue skirt. Now I really am all out, except for really small scraps with which I might make some covered buttons for the girls.
It's an easy enough skirt to make, but my European readers should note that they will have some pattern drafting to do. It came out of the printer all warped when printing in A4. I didn't make the pockets, I didn't like their shape and remember to be careful when ironing, the elastic will melt.

This is basically what I am going to be wearing all summer. A very loud printed skirt with funky sneakers. In winter, replace the skirt with jeans (Sorry for the fuzzy over-exposed picture, I was working alone).
I am very particular about my jeans, I can try 40 pairs before settling on one and boy! do I ever get crazy about my trainers. I once called Citadium everyday to get a pair of silver Nike Sprint, ran around Paris for a day chasing yellow polka dotted Gola's. In 2009, I sent my sister to Opening Ceremony in LA and my brother to the one in NY to get a pair of Liberty Nikes Cherry, which I didn't get. 
So Wednesday morning, having learned through Twitter that these would be on sale at 10am, I set my computer to London time and refreshed that page every 30 seconds to make sure I would get a pair of Tatum Print Liberty Nikes

They came in yesterday, almost instant gratification and a very cool gift from Mr C.

3 commentaires :

  1. I love the skirt, and I love the shoes!!! Your summer look could be my uniform as well!

  2. I absolutely love what you did on that side panel, using the same repeat. Must remember that when I next have a print that lends itself to it. Very cool skirt(s)!

  3. Thank you! @nathalie sometimes my thinking cap does work! @andrea this maybe why I like your blog so much!


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