My Doilies

Long time readers of this blog know that I am collecting doilies to make a skirt.
At first, I was doing it in an offhanded way as I couldn't think of an occasion to wear such a beautiful skirt, but my parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in August, and obviously this is a good enough reason to start the project.
Here is what I plan on doing : I will first make a muslin of the skirt, baste the doilies and tie them up together with little crocheted flowers. It's a pretty good plan I think except, I don't really know how to crochet. I took it up briefly in December to make snowflakes, but really I have a lot of learning to do.
If you know of a good crochet related resource or have a better idea on how to do this, I am all ears. In the meantime, I'll try to find a Crocheting for Dummies book or something.

3 commentaires :

  1. If you can't yet crochet then I think doing enough of such fine work by August would be a huge task. You could cheat by buying a ready made circular doily tablecloth of say 170cm and cutting a hole in the centre and adding a waistband. You might check my blog where I have made skirt/dresses from round tablecloths. Cherrie

  2. Here's a link to the website I used when I learned to crochet, it's got some great videos and lots of free patterns.

    Hope this helps :)

  3. @rachel, this was a life-saver, what a great resource! Thank you!


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