The Infinite Dress - McCall's 5360 - The Wrap Up

I had so much fun. 
We had amazing weather all weekend and I got to play with my new dress... and played, and played ...

... and then played some more. There are a few style that fit me better, but once you have it on, you actually forget about it. Wrapped up properly, I can even wear it without a bra! 
It doesn't pull, tug, squeeze, it's awesome comfortable and I don't think I own another garment so playful and fun!
The Infinite Dress is very modern for a 35 year old! I knew it was a winner!

4 commentaires :

  1. It's fabulous!! It's great to have so many possibilities with one dress only.

  2. Love it ! And my god those videos ! I simply must put the pattern in my ebay watch list!


  3. Thank you! @sew red hot I was going to post links to sellers but then I saw how much in price this had gone up, I paid about $5 for it and now it's $55. It's out of this world!

  4. I love the dress and I love it on you!


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