The Tweed Fairy


Is there a Tweed Fairy? 
Because I found 2 other pieces of fabulous tweed in 2 different thrift shops, both 100% wool in drop dead gorgeous rich colours. Mr C immediately ordered a vest from the one above, I'll have some left to make a dress, and the one below is scheduled to make a reversible spring coat for which I've already cut a muslin.

4m - 4€

I think after that, I'll be able to declare myself totally adept at matching plaids. As Tasia wrote the definitive step-by-step guide to matching plaid, I won't. Exept I'll add that, if your garment has sleeves, Tasia's didn't, that you should cut the sleeves first for best results.
My readers will note here that they have yet to see The Infinite Dress in action. Is is finished, I really love it, but taking proper pictures requires to go outside half naked and the sky is stubbornly remaining grey.

We did see some sun during the weekend and I quickly urged my friend to take a snapshot of my freshly dyed purple raincoat. The jury is still out on whether I should change the buttons, but I quite like the result as it is.

Here is the before picture, I have never liked that colour. So yeah! Thanks Dylon!

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  1. Yes, Carmencita there is a Tweed Fairy - a member of a wonderful sorority of fairies who bless us occasionally with awesomeness at the Thrift Shop


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