More Tweed

John G. Hardy Alsport

I am not collecting tweed!
I am collecting doilies for that skirt I want to make. It's just that while rummaging, I keep running into yardage and yardage of luscious woolen fabric. Obviously, somebody somewhere donated all his priceless tweed to EmmaĂĽs here in Brittany and I have been snapping it up.
I knew nothing about John G Hardy Alsport heavyweight tweed before. I didn't know that kings wore any and that they are appointed by the Queen of England. I certainly didn't know that if I was to walk into a store and buy some, it would cost me £64 per meter. I would not go into a store and buy fabric at that price. 

Moth hole

Anyhow, I did pay only 4€ for 2 meters and I'll have to dance around some little moth holes here and there, but heck! I might have a riding coat in the works somewhere in me. Anybody here knows how to mend?

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