BBQ Season

Wrangler Close Up

I am an optimist!
I do believe that the weather will get better and when it does, I'll be ready to BBQ!
Remember when I said I was preparing some stuff to do with my best friend Armelle? Well, we thrifted (this is when I saw the Tweed Fairy), made some strong tea, chatted and refashioned. In my case, a €0.50 pair of jeans with a wonky zipper and some scraps of Alexander Henry Wranglers fabric left from the His & His pyjama pants got a new life as a funky apron. Armelle chose a long skirt to do the same.



I've got a bit of a headless guy on top there, but you know, scraps are scraps. And speaking of scraps, We also made some of Laura's Pincushion Rings

Aren't these the cutest? Perfect size for the girlfriends' mending kit. They are such a great gift idea.

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