The End of Alexander Henry - Almost

Can you believe I am almost all out of Alexander Henry fabric? 
I made Yoshimi's Hatoto bag for my niece this weekend and out of the 13 yards I bought in the spring, I only have a couple left, which is prompting me to say I should hide it, use other fabrics for gifts and keep the rest for me. I love these girls (as seen here and here) and I am all out of the boys!
By the way, I am a contributor to the Refashion Co-op where my apron got a new nickname : the Brokeback Mountain apron. Pretty funny. The refashion girls are awesome, plenty creative and there is a few spots left for you if you want to join in and show us what you do.
Mr C's tweed vest is coming along well, the hand basting is all finished. I am so in love with that fabric, I may be developing a tweed fetish!

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