The Draft - Part 2

Sonia's 2nd Skype skirt muslin came back in the mail, all pinned and I felt confident about actually making a real skirt with it. This means, that The House of Marmalalade's method for drafting a pencil skirt is working. 
After trying to work out all the drafting methods I had on hand, hers turned out to be the one I prefered. It's very simple, the ease is calculated right off the bat and is all in the back, which makes a lot of sense, and it's in metric so no conversion to do. If you want to draft yourself a pencil skirt you may try this one. As we are making a low waisted skirt, I cut 5cm off the top but the principle is the same.
On Friday, I set out to redraft and cut the proper pattern and ran into a lined back vent snag. I didn't want to make a slit, but a vent trying, as per usual, to do as little hand sewing as possible. 

Once again Kathleen came to the rescue, as she published some paper mock up for me to play with and Sunni's tutorial is full of pictures. Thanks to them I was able to make some sense out of it, trace and cut the fashion fabric and lining Sonia chose in my stash (I sent her tiny samples with the first muslin and she chose some of Suzanne's).
It turns out I don't quite have enough of it so the facings I carefully traced are spilling over the cutting table.

I don't know whether go look for some bias binding in my box of wonders or forgo facings altogether and put some of that wonderful DMC Lacet Superfin I bought too much of for sentimental reasons, as reinforcement at the waist. What do you recommend?

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