Calvin Klein - Vogue 2442 - The Sunny Skirt

I have new found respect for people who make jeans.
This happens to me all the time, I try to work leather and I gain respect for artisans who make bags, I make jeans and I have new found love for guys like Roy or for the MBP Jeans sew-alongers who all did a great job. 

Since this Calvin Klein was a refashion, the hardest part was to wring out every bit of fabric available and as you see here, I had to resort to using the hem seam allowance to shape a 4 piece belt and I used the bottom of the facing to make the belt loops. 

The inside pieces, I made in matching yellow cotton and look you here, I serged! I used mock flat felled seams throughout.

The fit was so eighties! The back of the skirt fit perfectly but the front was an inch too big on each side! So I removed it to get a more modern looking skirt. I also chose to wear it lower.

Making jeans is quite labor intensive, but it is totally worth it. If I was to make jeans, which will be a winter activity I think, I would look for another pattern as this one is quite dated but I would dig out the explanations as they are stellar. If you want to see some really good jeans, you should check Patty's at The Snugbug, Elaine's at The Selfish Seamstress, Yoshimi The Flying Squirrel's red jeans, TaylorTailor made a very good pair for his girlfriend and of course, Peter at Male Pattern Boldness who's His and His white jeans are the best.

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  1. I have just bought this pattern in the hope of making some jeans. But I think this skirt is sensational. I love the colours and the thrifty approach you have adopted. Thank you for the inspiration!


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