The Sewing Productivity Experiment - Bags, Bags, Bags

::verypurpleperson:: reversible bag - Madras and recycled cotton

I made it!
During June, I have managed to sew about 3 hours a day every weekday. I even squeezed in some weekend sewing time because I was on a roll and just couldn't stop!

::verypurpleperson:: reversible bag - quilting cotton in green

I mostly made bags as teacher's gifts and as samples for my Jil Sander's inspired shopping bag. I refashioned 2 dresses, 1 skirt, I almost finished the Calvin Klein and did some work on another dress. I learned to use a serger. I made a leather bag... and I feel fine!

::verypurpleperson:: reversible bag - quilting cotton in purple

I also filled my first order ever! Yeah me!

Large Market bag with pouch

I tried to keep real working habits and took a mid-morning break.

Market bag - Recycled advertising flag - Front

The hardest part was to cut myself off the Interweb in the morning and stop sewing so I could attend to other duties.

Market bag - Recycled advertising flag - Back 

I have hardly sewn for myself at all and was just as happy. Maybe I'm not that selfish after all...maybe the sewing part makes me happy. 

Small Market Bag - Quilting cotton

This is good and this is what I wanted to find out in doing this exercise. Can I discipline myself enough to work from home? Yes. Can I sew repeats without getting bored? Yes. Can I sew for other people than myself? Yes.

Small Market Bag - From scraps

It turns out I can, so I will. Stay tuned as I work out my evil plan to take over the world... in September!

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