On The Mend

Not only I am not photogenic, but the weather turned to rain right after this shot which might explain why I am making a face. This dress is awesome though, so that should make up for it.
Me-Made-June and The Sewing Productivity Experiment are great motivators and I am making quite a dent in the stockpile of clothing in need of a refashion. I can't remember when I've said it, but I don't like mending and would rather make something new so basically this dress has been waiting for over 5 frigging years for it's turn at the machine. Knowing what was done to it and the result, it's a real shame and my lost. 
This is a Ports International dress that was on the cover of Elle Quebec in June or July of 1990. I know because at the time we were doing their pre-press at work so I saw the cover before everyone else and went to Ogilvy's and bought the dress on the spot, during my lunch hour. I wasn't sewing back then, I had some money to spare and a taste for expensive and extremely well made clothing and shoes, some of which I still have. This dress is a prime example.

The cotton Vichy is tight spun and soft to the touch, the buttons mother of pearl, the inside seams are serged AND turned and stitched and there are a few hand sewn construction details which tells you how much care was put into making it. I loved looking at it but wasn't wearing it.

This refashion was easy as hardly anything was needed but a good friend to pin the hem whilst I stood on the table. Merci Marianne! I shortened the dress by a whopping 27cm (about 10 1/2 inches). I didn't take a before picture, but imagine the skirt going down to my ankles. 

The dress also felt a bit tight at the waist when I tried it on last year, but with the red bow belt it was fine, so it was in fact a belt problem, which was easily taken care of. Not quite the right color, but it'll do as I am absolutely certain nobody will come up to me and tell me to my face that there is something wrong with the colour of my grommets. If someone ever does, I'll know it's you and we'll all have a good laugh.

The Jil Sander experiment is still on. I have made yet another muslin. Not perfect but we are getting closer.

4 commentaires :

  1. Beautiful dress!! Is it a short sleeved?

  2. Quelle jolie robe! J'adore. Je suis curieuse : les petites sandales rouges sont des Birkenstock? Le look est parfait.


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