It's An Oldie, But A Goodie!

My life changed after I bought this fabric.
I got this wax while visiting my parents in Gabon in 1990. Going to Africa was a milestone for me and it inspired me to do or try doing things I had never dared to do. Also, I made it on a summer afternoon with Rachelle et Louise during a long chat over some tea and cookies and I really cherish that memory. 
I don't have that pattern anymore, so I looked up The Vintage Pattern Wiki for something similar and found this (Thank you whoever takes the time to do this). Though I am pretty sure I used a 1989-90 Vogue pattern to make it, the principle is the same.

The dress is a bit small now, but it's a wrap so nobody can tell, I just have to be careful about what I wear underneath if it's windy. 

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