Jil Sander Inspired

Leave it to me to start a productivity project on a week when Jr C has a 4 day weekend!
I did manage to work on most of what I cut on Monday and finish some of it. All of them are bags : 2 are VeryPurplePerson Reversible, 1 is a jean version of my blue bag and 3 are inspired by Jil Sander's Market Bag.
I hung out for so long on Jil Sander's site looking at that dress that I also saw the rest of her stuff, including her Market Bag which, I find, is an incredibly clever way of finding beauty in ubiquity.

I made the first ones out of this promotional flag that was slated for the waste bin. They are huge, more supermarket huge then market huge. Actually, they are pretty useful for transporting beer, but they are crude and lack elegance, so I made a smaller one which I lined because I thought it would be prettier.

It is pretty, but quite bulky in the handles there. I guess this is why Mrs Sander just put a bias to finish hers because when you hold it in one hand, you end up with a whopping 16 layers of fabric and that just too much. So I'll be making lighter versions in the future, heck, given the opportunity, I might even make a leather one!
If you want to make one, you can go to Style Hurricane where your can find the tutorial and some examples of the amazing array of materials you can use.
As all of you know, I am a participant in Me-Made-June, but I won't talk about it much here unless it involves wearing a garment that hasn't been blogged about already. If you really love sewing as I do, you should check out the action because The MMJ girls are rocking big time!
I will keep the new schedule for a little while, to see what I can come up with. Next up is a dress refashion for me.

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