May 10th : Sewing For Two

Years ago, right after my sister gave birth, she was lamenting that she had nothing to wear and wanted a uniform because she didn't want to have to think about clothes. So I toyed with the idea of making a bunch of wardrobe essentials for a little while. This is the result of that. It's pretty boring and the idea just went away as it came, in a jiffy! 

3 commentaires :

  1. I've just looked through your blog and your Flickr, and you are one stylish lady, an inspiration in fashion. I am so impressed with you that I am adding you to my blog list on my Sewing With Trudy blog and to my list of followers.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment Trudy, your blog is quite awesome as well!

  3. I love this photo -- there's something very evocative of Mia Farrow and her red pajama jumpsuit from Rosemary's Baby in it!


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