May 26th : Geoffrey Beene

This Geoffrey Beene dress is another beauty I don't wear often. I don't find it especially flattering on me. But I loved making it, it's expertly cut and the puzzle was difficult to put together, which I like, it made me think. My fabric was stiff enough so I didn't underline, and didn't use the hem facing pieces either, it's tent like enough for me. 

Take a look at the inside zipper hidden in the front pleat, it's so clever! The bust dart were in the cut like the Mondrian, which must have been all new technique back then. If I was to make it again, I'd go for a softer fabric. The pattern is an 8 and I am a 12 and the grading I did on it was empirical at best so I would certainly change that as well.
The Me-Made-May challenge is almost over and one of the thing it has highlighted for me is that I have a propensity to make the pattern exactly like the enveloppe, as seen here, here and here, which raises the question : Why? Don't I have enough imagination?

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