May 20th : More Sewing For Two

These Diane Von Furstenberg deserved a different post, everything about them is a blessing.
The fabric comes from a shop that was closing in my Mom's village and I got it for nothing, the pattern is perfect for the fabric, they were made in 2005 for my vernissage at The Stewart Hall Art Gallery in Pointe-Claire where I showed my Twins project that Zeke was nice enough to think worthy of showing.
The project involved making an entire wardrobe for me and my sister to go on a trip which we never made. But she is a good sport and she will wear everything I tell her to, a true blessing right there.

2 commentaires :

  1. Beautiful dresses. The fabric is amazing.

  2. That colour is beautiful on you both and I think you should wear more of it. It really makes you look great. Lovely dresses... the thought of making all my sisters dresses is a nightmare as I have 4 and I am flat out making anything for me so I commend that you make lots of things for you and your sister!!


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