May 11th Happiness in spite of...

The Me-Made-May challenge is getting difficult. Not because there is not enough clothes to wear, it's because I am dying to show you all my neat summer stuff and it's not happening because it's winter here! So, today I offer you one of my sweaters. It's self-drafted, me-made and the best piece of knitting I've ever done. 
Anyhow, to feel better, I just went to the corner quilting shop and marvelled at all the little tools, gizmos and doodads that help you sew along (I want that pocket placket turner whatever template and I am looking for a reason/project to go buy it!), picked up some thread and some fabric for a refashion and I forgot about the cold.

The shop is called O'Ma, it's in Auray, Brittany, France. They are really nice people, they can repair your machine, they have a wall full of nifty stuff plus haberdashery, notions, buttons, interfacing and they do carry the marker that Gertie's Better Sewing just talked about and, if she says they are wonderful, then I'll go pick one in every colour ASAP.

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