May 21st and 23rd : Histoire de robe/Dress History

May 23rd

Toutes mes robes ont une histoire à raconter. Je les ai faites pour une occasion particulière, pour un état d'esprit ou l'apprentissage d'une nouvelle technique de couture, le tissu est spécial (merci encore Suzanne!) ou le patron m'a été offert. En les portant, je retrouve chaque histoire.
Celles-ci, je les ai faites en attendant, une attente longue, difficile et déstabilisante pendant laquelle j'ai beaucoup cousu, un geste salvateur.

May 21st

Every dress I've made has a history. I made them for a special occasion, a mood I was in, to learn a new sewing technique, the fabric is special (thanks Suzanne!) or the pattern was offered. When I put them on, I can relive their histories.
I made these whilst waiting, an extremely long, painful and unsettling waiting period. Salvation came in sewing.

1 commentaire :

  1. Both of your dresses are beautiful. What a wonderful idea to make everyday dresses out of wedding dress patterns. I find solace in sewing as well. It is very therapeutic.


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