The Finished Shirt - McCall's 6044

It was a quick project because I felt pressure from MrC : "It's going to look really good eh! Do you think I'll be able to try it tonight? Will I be able to wear it for my big meeting on Thursday you think? Would you make me a white one? So how is it going with the shirt? Did you have a nice day, how about my shirt?""Your shirt had a nice day too dear!"
Sometimes I wonder who is the kid around here!
I had never made a man's shirt and on last shirt I made, when I was 16, I made a total mess of the collar and that was enough to keep me off shirts for the rest of my sewing life so I took my sweet time and studied the difficult parts like the cuffs, the collar, the pocket flaps and the felled seam armhole.
The only modification I made to the pattern was to lengthen the sleeves 4 cms and make a band collar as MrC didn't want a real one, which is a shame as I had studied the collar thing quite a bit. So I used the same method for putting it up as the cuffs and that worked quite well.
I'm quite happy with the result and MrC was able to make it to his meeting with his brand new shirt with bird of prey buttons because MrC likes birds of prey.
The next one will be even better, I will have changed some details (or chosen another pattern!) : the sleeve vent is not pretty and the back yoke is a decoration which means less fitting, and mostly the order of construction doesn't make sense, this one by Mrs Fasanella does.
I have said this and I'm saying it again, everything she says is gold, not immediately because you sometimes have to work things out, but the more I sew, the more I learn, the more I find the logic.
Her information is unavailable in French and that's too bad!

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