Liberty Pucci - Vogue 1394

So I went to this party and people asked me if I had made my shoes.
It was a given that I had made my top but they couldn't understand how I got my shoes to match my shirt. It was pretty funny.
It was my first time cutting into some Liberty and I must say I was really nervous. I also new that patterns from that era need a few changes for them to feel comfy so I did a muslin, which proved me right.

I took extra care in finishing it and used that technique I saw in a dress I refashioned last year. I serged, I pressed and then I sewed the seam allowance, which is a very fancy, very crisp clean finish. I understitched everything that was humanly possible.

Then, I sewed some pretty red vintage buttons and that made me very happy.

I am not a shirt person, I don't feel right in a shirt, I am always cold in a shirt, I am a t-shirt person but, I really love this and I might just change my mind. 
Only idiots never do.

2 commentaires :

  1. Beautiful use of Liberty :) I haven't yet done anything with Liberty but I know the day will come.

    1. Thank you Suzy! Consider it for your next trip to Portugal, it's stellar int hot weather.


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