Cuben Fiber Bags

There is some major thinking going on here.
Mr C brought home some Cuben Fiber sailcloth for me to play with. We are looking at ways to recycle a used up gennaker. So I made some bags. I did think about making rain gear with it, but this sailcloth is too stiff. I know some of the lighter fabric is used for mountain gear, if this sort of stuff interest you, Mr Ultra-Lite Skunk Works is the king as he sews all of his mountain gear himself.
I am not entirely satisfied with them but some bigger ideas are bubbling up so stay tuned. There might even be some Christmas shenanigans involved which you'll be able to read about on the Crafty Christmas Club. A great place to talk about our secret evil plans to shower our loved ones with handmade gifts.

2 commentaires :

  1. What a useful post, thanks! I have boys in sailing also and had been thinking of reusing old sails. I thought about raingear but will learn from your experience and make something else. :-)

  2. I hope your machine is real sturdy! It's not easy to sew.


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