Some Construction Notes - Simplicity 7082

If you think you are a bit retentive about your sewing, I sure am, you should check out the guys who are trying to dress like Jack Sparrow.
Every bit of the most tiny detail is discussed at length on forums full of pictures with video explanations and how-to's. So I would like to thank the guys for all the information they make available when I was making decisions about the pocket flaps or the number of buttons I needed to complete the coat. If you are having a Jack moment in your sewing, you can refer to Yordreem, SithCamaro and the guys on the Keep The Code message board for a boatload of information. I do dig you guys!

I made few changes to the pattern, the pocket flaps for one as I thought the patterned ones were too cartoon-like, I made real pockets in fact (and I used this tutorial to cut the. I added the requisite amount of mock buttonholes on the back vent (12 more buttons!) and on the front, I cheated my way out of hand embroidery by using the bee stitch on my machine. I spent most of my time on reinforcement as some serious swashbuckling will take place. I made a full lining which you saw the other day, and took some time to secure it in key points with little loops. 

The frock is not "screen accurate", but it'll be solid. I am spray painting the buttons today. Nicolas is coming Friday morning to pick it up so I better get to it!

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