Sentimental Notion - DMC Lacet Superfin

I am very sentimental.
I saw full unopened boxes of vintage DMC Lacet Superfin (circa 1930) at the op-shop the other day and seeing that people were tearing them apart to see what was in them, I went nuts and bought the whole lot. I am now in the process of finding better homes for them. So I have been contacting corset makers, museum conservators, costume departments all over the world who would love, use and appreciate this fine cotton. I still have some left so, if you know people who know people who do that sort of stuff, please pass the message.

As some of the boxes were opened already, you can even purchase some for yourself, I have set up an Etsy shop just for it and tried to write the best description : Vintage DMC cotton braid, width 24mm,  used in couture garments, heirloom sewing, corsetry, embroidery and home sewing. Tightly woven cotton ribbon of the best quality, soft to the touch, really thin, will reinforce waistbands, zipper areas, encase boning in evening dresses and can also be used in tailoring, historical costumes and restoration. Package contains 10m.
As this is my first, I'll take some advice on Etsy description writing as well. What do you think?

2 commentaires :

  1. aussitot dit aussitot fait je viens de te passer commande sur etsy pour 2 paquets

  2. Merci! J'ai posté hier, tu me montreras ce que tu fais avec?


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