The Jim Jones Review Stunt Dress E02

Here is the Stunt Dress... I am ready to rock!

The dress feels so good! The cotton is heavenly, I really like the fit, the dress has pockets (Erin would be proud of me! She loves pockets and stunt dresses!) and though the fabric is loud and not age appropriate, I might even wear it in real life because I don't care what people think. I might even make another one next summer.

I am just as proud of the innards. I have figured out how to bag it and do minimal hand sewing. I took pictures as I have not seen this RTW finishing method anywhere.
Start with an almost finished dress. The lining which I made from the toile, don't mind the Crayolas washable marker's marks, is all attached. I used the method described by SaraĂŻ from Colette Patterns to sew a facing to the invisible zipper, sewed and topstitched the top and pressed the allowance at the bottom. At this point, you have the choice to whipstitch the bottom, stitch in the ditch or turn it all inside out with the skirt inside. Which is what I did, pin.

Sew real close to the waist going as far as you can near the zipper tape, serge the allowance or zigzag and trim (you can leave it as is, but it'll be a bit bulky). 

Open up the side about 3 inches (when I know I'll be bagging, I sew part of one side with a longer stitch) and pull the dress out.

VoilĂ ! Minimal hand stitching here...

...and a little bit on the sides there. Press.

I still have to figure a few things out about this method. In RTW, there is no hand stitching at the zipper tape at all, if you know how to do that, I would love to hear from you. Also, can you do this with the straps all sewn in? I had a doubt, so I attached them to the back after.

This is the shot where you see what I was saying about the fit. Just the right amount of ease, can be worn from morning to night. I love it.
Lovely princess seams were obtained with my new pressing tools! I love them too, get some. 

10 commentaires :

  1. Arg, that is indeed a perfect dress! I love the print and the fit. And after looking at your pictures a few times, I think I understand how to sew the lining at the waist with the skirt inside ... I will have to try that next time I do a lined dress!

  2. Holy Tomato!! That dress is awesome!! Great Job

  3. I saw your dress on Flickr; it is Gorgeous and the fit is perfection!!

  4. Great fit, and I LOVE how the princess seams look with that grid pattern. Really brings out your shape. Congratulations on a wonderful dress!

  5. Really well made, and a beautiful fit! ^_^

  6. Awesome dress. The fit is perfect! Love the fabric.

  7. Thank you all! @andrea it'll be a pleasure to help if you need to.

  8. You aren't kidding about the fit! That is impressive! And the print is so adorable!

  9. Oh I love this you did a smashing job! The fit looks impeccable and what's a dress without pockets hey? I hope you wear this, who cares about age appropriate if it were short and tarty then that's when you've crossed the line. This just screams fun.

    Hope Jim was a blast, they rock so hard live; when I went to see them they stuffed up Shoot First the singer lost the plot yelling at the band, haha still a good show though.

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