Disaster in the Making

I am so mad at myself for not going the extra mile!
This is the same Burda jacket I made last year, a great pattern if you have very little fabric to work with (in this case, 84cm plus some odd bits Suzanne gave me), it fits me great and I wore mine a lot last year. I blockfused like in Sherry's RTW sew-along, I had already done all the pattern making stuff and as you know by now, I am lazy, so I am still trimming allowances, but next time, believe you me, I will not!

I was out of fusible interfacing.
Sadly, 2 fabric stores closed up near where I live just last month, so, instead of driving the extra 30 kilometers to get to the good stuff, I went the haberdasher that has a small selection right near my house and bought the lightest stuff she had and I have regretted it ever since.
I don't think it'll ever fall right, it's really stiff.
Anybody knows if this can be fixed or at least made better? Would a wash do it? Lots of steam? Hammering? Tenderizing? Cooking? Freezing? Nuking?

Oh! And speaking of another questionable decision, lets look for a minute at my very wise lining choice which is showing through. I wonder how this'll work out...

3 commentaires :

  1. Bad interfacings are my pet peeve and I've just received an order from the US http://off-the-cuff-style.blogspot.com/ The quality is fantastic.

  2. Cooking, freezing, nuclear weapons .... LOL! I'm so used to these small disasters ... I hope that by using the "toughness" will disappear in the meantime .... take a walk outside the store and buy good quality backing in large quantities ... and patience.

  3. Merci pour le lien Marie-Noëlle! And yes Rosy, I will make the trip next time!


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