The Infinite Dress - McCall's 5360 - Pt.2

I might not need a serger after all.
I found some mat 2-way stretch bathing suit fabric for The Infinite Dress and after washing it, I realized it is never ever going to fray and I might be able to sew it with a regular machine, I think a small zigzag might do the trick. I'll research this a little today and run some tests. I also will be glad if you have any tip other than getting a special sewing needle, which I have.
It is such an extraordinary pattern piece, isn't it? (Yes, it's my tape measure!)
I'll have plenty of remnants, I might get into making some matching underwear, a bathing suit maybe? It'll depend on how the sewing goes and how ambitious I get. 
As the fabric matches my couch on the upper left corner, I'll be setting a new elegance standard, matching underwear, dress and decor, I hope someone, somewhere notices the effort. 

Image curtesy of : Wanken

An while I am at it, on the plane, I'll be asking for the matching seat as well.

4 commentaires :

  1. I'm watching!Nice color from what I can see-dark burgundy..It'll be beautiful.

  2. When I sew stretch fabrics on my regular machine I use a long straight stitch and just stretch it while you sew. Obviously it's necessary to do some tests on scraps first. Good luck!

  3. I use a short narrow zig zag (generally 0.5mm wide, 1.5-2mm long) with the stretch, stretching the fabric if needed like Katherine mentioned. If there's no lengthwise stretch I use a straight stitch and 2.25mm length. That way I can press seams open.

    Good luck!

  4. Thank you all for your tips, The dress is finished and I'll take pictures today to show you. It's really cool!


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