Sewing Sails

I am not the only person sewing around here. 
This baby is Mr C's sewing machine at work. It is used for rigging this French boat, Sodebo. The main sail is over 230m² (over 755 sq. feet!) which is more than twice the size of our house. The set of sails is called a wardrobe, it's quaint.
When I work on a garment, Mr C gets a kick out of saying I sew in the realm of the infinitesimal. So yesterday, as my pattern pieces looked like origami on the table, I asked how precise his sails were and he said very prosaically, +/- 1 cm, which is less than a seam allowance.

Photo Christophe Launay

Anyhow, this is just an occasion to tell you that Mr C's boss, Thomas Coville, left on Saturday to attempt a single-handed circumnavigation record. It's a blood curling dangerous endeavour.  We'll be doing all kinds of cheering, wishing, hoping and invoking until the end of March.

One would think that 19 years of departures would brace me for the roller coaster ride coming, but nothing does, ever.

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