A Special Request : Ben 10

I don't sew for Jr C. 
Making elastic waist pants and sweatshirt is not my idea of sewing time well spent, but when he asked for a Ben 10 shirt, he is such a fan, I told him we could make this happen together if he wanted. 

I took him through the entire process : buying the shirts, cutting, making a pattern for the black stripe in front, tracing the seam allowances, pressing the foot and so on.
I have the vague hope that, if I make stuff with him, he won't be running to the store every time he wants something and that he'll grow up respecting people who make things he uses. 

This isn't a tutorial on how to raise your children though, I merely wanted to share how incredibly happy he was with the result and how, just like him, I too jump up and down and scream when a project is completed and looking like I had envisioned.
That elation is a drug.

1 commentaire :

  1. wow,didn't know the kid was into wearing such a comfortable wardrobe.
    elastic waist pants and sweatshirts...i am impressed!


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