CSI / Les Experts - Simplicity 7082

J'ai lu à quelque part en faisant la recherche sur la teinture au thé qu'il y avait un risque que des vieilles taches refassent leur apparition. J'utilise de vieux draps et la question que je me pose, c'est ils sont où les Experts? Je regarde trop la télévision!
In doing research on tea dyeing, I did learn about old stains resurfacing. As I am using old sheets, I am thinking where is the CSI crew? I watch too much TV.

Strange Brew - Simplicity 7082

I am making a Jack Sparrow costume! And no it's not for Halloween, it's going to be used in a cape and sword show.
I am using Simplicity 7082 as a base pattern, but I have to strengthen the whole thing so Nicolas can actually fight with it, wash it, weather it and make it look like the real Jack Sparrow frock coat which is fully lined and has functioning button holes and pockets. The budget is limited, so trying to find ways to save money, I used old thrifted sheets and tea dyed them to achieve that dirty beige weathered look.
Yesterday, I made a strange brew and left the lining to seep overnight. Now I can add cooking to my sewing skills!

The buttons are especially hard to find at a reasonable cost so I bought a lot of really nice mismatched ones in several thrift shops, but they are too shiny, anyone anywhere has a suggestion on how to make them duller?

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