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C'est pas de ma faute, c'est le sac favori de toute mes copines! Celui-ci a été fait avec des bouts de coton rouge offert par Suzanne et le très joli polyester à pois que j'ai trouvé cet été. La seule modification a été d'ajouter 10cm aux anses parce que ma copine est très grande. Je l'aime beaucoup et j'ai été triste de le voir partir... je vais peut-être devoir m'en faire un, mais pas avant d'avoir fini mes cadeaux de Noël.

It just happens to be my girlfriends' favorite bag, it's not my fault! This one was made with some red cotton that was in Suzanne's stash and the really cute polka dot I picked up this summer. The only modification I made was to add 10cm to the handles because my friend is really tall. I really like it and was sad to see it go... I might have to make one for myself, after I have made my Christmas gift.

A Quickie

My sister's best friend, Vali, sent me some 70's polyester print loungewear and the only thing I could think of is ::verypurpleperson:: 's paper bag skirt, so this is what I did. It took me about 2 hours, a quickie in sewing terms. To tell you the absolute truth, I never thought I'd be sewing an elastic waistband for myself, ever, I'm still not sure I like the bulk at the waist, but it's a happy comfy summer thingy and this is a good thing. 

Crafting : The Year Of The Bag

My ::verypurpleperson:: handbag

I haven't been sewing, I've been crafting. 

Dragées bags

Though I sew to craft, in my mind, it's not the same thing. There are no fitting issues, construction is moot,  fabric is easier to work with, it doesn't involve much thinking and I can really knock'em off. It can also be very boring as far as problem solving goes, but they do make nice affordable gifts which is my intention here. 

Another t-shirt re-fashion!

One year, I made Martha Stewart aprons, last year I made faux fur muffs and this is the "Year of The Bag". I started by copying a shopping bag I had with moderate success. I so wanted to copy the original, I French seam curved jean. Don't try this at home as the results will disapoint!
So I started looking for a bag I like and would use, which, took me some time. Here are a few free patterns I found which I might eventually make to break the monotony of making the same thing over and over again. 
Both Butterick Retro Tie Bag and Wrist Bag look cool, all you have to do is give them your e-mail address and you'll be able to download it, Martha's Reversible Purse looks promising...
But for now, my fave of fave and the only one I have been making is verypurpleperson's which I have tested and love. I tweeked the construction method for the bigger bag to ease the pulling part because I added pockets and zippers inside for my phone, wallet and keys. So here is my first tutorial! Basically, I'm bagging the bag if you know what I mean, if you don't, write, I'll try to help.

May 27th : Letting Go

Letting go is what you can live with.
That treshold is different for every seamstress. Mine is pretty high. I like a good finish inside and out. I take great care of finishing every seam, binding everywhere, matching motifs, stripes, plaids, attaching linings. I find that the garment last longer, is more washable and I love to bias bind hems, it's pretty when you sit down.
I am thinking about this because I read Very Purple Person 's blog post this morning about her recent green dress which she calls a fail. The dress is not a fail, I think it's totally wearable, nobody will ever notice the mistake and people are more likely to say, where did you find those green shoes!  But I do understand her, I fuss over my sewing so much.

Case in point, this Ellen Tracy Butterick pattern I made in 2001. Now being wiser, I would notice it doesn't fit the model and stay away from it! Look at those gaping neckline and arms! (And No! I will never ever make plaid pants cut on the bias, this is such a receipe for disaster!)
Of course, I ended up with the same problems, you can see the gaping neckline still, I didn't know how to fix this one back then but I couldn't live with the armholes so I fixed them thus, which is not the way to do it, I know, but the dress was finished, I didn't have a dress form, I still don't have a full length mirror blah blah blah! It works, I could live with that.

But catasrophy, I totally ruined that dress when trimming the waist seam. One should never ever trim anything when tired : I cut a hole in my dress! Could I live with this? 

Well, I did. I glued a tiny bit of fusible interfacing under it, it's partly hidden by the belt and since I made it 9 years ago, only one person remarked the 'hummongous' gash. The general comments are "pretty dress, where did you buy it?". I can live with that.

Sidetracks II

Remember this post about me being sidetracked by Alexander Henry's Thunder Flower?
My crazy brother actually posted all of the US stash over. 
So guess what I was doing this weekend? Not working on The Two Year Old Pants for sure!
I drafted men's pyjama pants and cut verypurpleperson's reversible bag pattern in red for me and a smaller version, 80%, for two little girls who have special days coming up.
I'm ready to fill the bobbins and lower my presser foot. Have a nice day!

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