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C'est pas de ma faute, c'est le sac favori de toute mes copines! Celui-ci a été fait avec des bouts de coton rouge offert par Suzanne et le très joli polyester à pois que j'ai trouvé cet été. La seule modification a été d'ajouter 10cm aux anses parce que ma copine est très grande. Je l'aime beaucoup et j'ai été triste de le voir partir... je vais peut-être devoir m'en faire un, mais pas avant d'avoir fini mes cadeaux de Noël.

It just happens to be my girlfriends' favorite bag, it's not my fault! This one was made with some red cotton that was in Suzanne's stash and the really cute polka dot I picked up this summer. The only modification I made was to add 10cm to the handles because my friend is really tall. I really like it and was sad to see it go... I might have to make one for myself, after I have made my Christmas gift.

Sidetracks II

Remember this post about me being sidetracked by Alexander Henry's Thunder Flower?
My crazy brother actually posted all of the US stash over. 
So guess what I was doing this weekend? Not working on The Two Year Old Pants for sure!
I drafted men's pyjama pants and cut verypurpleperson's reversible bag pattern in red for me and a smaller version, 80%, for two little girls who have special days coming up.
I'm ready to fill the bobbins and lower my presser foot. Have a nice day!

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