Early in the day, with light

I buy interfacing all the time.
I live in interfacing nowhereland and when I see some that looks like it'll do a decent job, I buy a huge amount. The interfacing of choice this time was found in the Baby Dior bin. It's a woven, it's really soft and fuzzy and it might even add a bit of warmth to my coat, warmth is good. 

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The other important decision was about the buttonholes. I have already bought the silk to do handworked buttonholes and top stitching, but since I saw the humongous Louis Vuitton bound buttonholes in this winter's collection, I have wanted them, except I am not 6 feet tall and buttons this huge will make me look like a clown so I had to work out a reasonable proportion. It also means I'll forgo of the topstitching.

Late in the day, without light

I made several attempts and what I think works best is a 2"x1/2" welt with a 1 1/4" covered button. I had a huge thickness problem which I have resolved thanks to Paco Peralta's tutorial on double wool seam finish. I split the fabric, removed the lint with a sticky roll, fused a very lightweight interfacing on the lips and used Fashion's Incubator's welt pocket tutorial. I'll probably close the lips' exposed part with a small stitch.
Just so you know, because I have wondered how to unbutton your coat without ripping something or dropping a precious jewel, the Vuitton buttonholes are there for decoration only, they are covered snaps, very clever!

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  1. The covered snaps are very clever indeed ;)

  2. Geez! This looks great! You are a perfectionist with your work, which is a good thing, I am excited to see that coat you are sewing and I will be looking forward to it. Make decorative buttonholes and use snaps to close the garment is a clever idea!

  3. Thanks, it's coming, it's coming...


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