World Champions

Aren't they spectacular? World class literally as the girls are former Hobbie Cat 16 World Champions. Go girls you're quite a team!
The shirts are pretty good too, I'm quite happy with them as they did turn out as well as I envisioned them. 

Facing just sewn in right before stay stitching the sides for sleeve insertion.

I've said pretty much everything I have to say about shirts recently, but these presented a new challenge as I wanted to insert a yoke without hand sewing and though I know how to put in a yoke when there is a collar stand, merci Marie-Noëlle, this model doesn't have one.
Once again, I have to thank the Internet God of Google Generosity for showing me how to do that with elegance. Thank you so much Gigi!

Collar, facing, pocket details

I never thought I would say this, cutting is not my favorite part, but this time, it was fun. I went for placement which required a lot more fabric and quite a bit of concentration, but the result is great. 
I managed to get that matching pocket by glueing the pockets seam allowances in place. It's much better than pinning, there is always some shifting when you pin and once dry, it'll act as one piece which lessens that feed dog thing.

Sewing over a needle to make the shank

Fine details included corded buttonholes, felled shoulder seams, curved collars and spurred by Catherine Daze, I tried that foot I have never used. Thank you too Catherine!
It was a great project, lots of fun to make. Now I'll go try to figure out what I'll do with the great scraps this generated...more Galactica coming up!

6 commentaires :

  1. I think I said it before, but that fabric is incredible! Looking forward to seein what else you do with it. Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. This project is amazing! Love the fabric and the work you did with it, so clever! Fantastic!

  3. Alors là ces chemises sont vraiment époustouflantes. Le résultat est spectaculaires sur les destinataires.
    J'ai bien pensé à toi ce WE avec le VGC, j'espère que tes étiquettes ont fait un tabac.
    En parlant de chemises hawaĂŻennes pour lesquelles je voue moi aussi une passion connais-tu ce site qui vend les tissu authentiques : ?

    1. J'ai en effet eu de bons retours sur les Ă©tiquettes.
      Merci pour le lien je ne connaissais pas l'existence de ce site, encore plus d'argent à dépenser!


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