I won!

I won... twice!

Invisible Flower had a bunch a fabulons giveaways in February and I won two of them this one and this one, I am not a very lucky person in general so Merci Andrea! This is the one that has the better chance of getting made first.

I was also tagged for the first time by Marie-NoĂ«lle who asked the following questions : 

1 Where did you learn to sew?
I started to customize unisex jeans when I was about 10 or 12, everybody knows girls and boys are not made the same. Then my neighbor, Mme Lavoie, showed me how to follow pattern instructions and created a monster.

2 Which season do you sew most for ?
I am really inspired in the summer, the prints, light cotton, pretty skirts.

3 What do you sew with ?
I have had a Singer Nuance for about 15 years, a Mitsubishi DB130DM and I just bought a Baby Lock Enlighten that I have still to master.

4 What's your favorite dish ?
Fresh pasta made from our chics' eggs, a little butter, salt and pepper.

5 Your favorite place ?
I don't have a favorite place, I have favorite people.

6 What's the blogosphere to you ?
A wonderful place for people who are passionate about something.

7 What's on your sewing table ?
I have a bunch of small gifts to make. Happily, the recipients are used to get their gifts late. I have a coat to finish, but my motivation just went out the door when spring sprang!

Have a nice day you all!

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