Margiela Inspired

Trust me, I can make a simple project complicated.
Above is a Maison Martin Margiela handbag called the candy wrapper. When I saw it, I had a sudden urge to make one. I took everything from my stash so no driving around to find the right materials was needed which got bonus will-make-now points on Friday afternoon. 
I was even going to write a tutorial about it, but then, I ran into some troubles which turned a quick crafting project into a major headache caused amongst other things by : the nature of materials on hand, the leather from last year's Jill Sander must make bag which stretched under my industrial machine presser foot, a said sewing machine operator malfunction causing some thread breakage and unsightly leather seam ripping holes, both of which made me loose the will to document the making of the said bag. 

Basically, it's a lapped zipper inserted in a tube sealed on the side by 2 seams and some fabric glue strips. To facilitate the zipper insertion, I recommend using the separating kind. If you are using very thick material for a shell, I recommend paying attention to turn of cloth for the lining which is sewed in the side seams and trimmed. If you are using manmade plastic-like material, use another sort of glue because you will melt your project. And yes! these are my old pinking shears, not the new ones!
I will answer all of your questions in the comments if you want. 

The end result, after a good hour of stretching the leather on a table corner to straighten it is ok. I know I am reeling now because I just finished it and all I can see is the mistakes, but really, give me a couple of days of oversized metallic clutch carrying practice and I'll have forgotten all about the headache.

2 commentaires :

  1. Worth all the aggravation I'd say. Really stylish!

    1. Thank you so much Catherine, a compliment from you is worth a million!

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