The Sewing Productivity Experiment

I don't have enough sewing time.
I am doing a summer dress refashion for Me-Made-June-2011 and I was looking for an interesting bodice in my pattern stash. Isn't this lovely? I love the draping detail on the skirt.
It makes me want to make it and sip dry martinis whilst being entertained by men in sharkskin suits in a hotel bar. Have I been watching too much Mad Men you think?
Isn't it sad that I never made the time to make it? 
Spurred by Tilly's sewing productivity series, I have decided that I would do a little experiment of my own. I have a couple of projects on the back burner as well as a couple of special requests and if I want everything finished before July, I need to sew up a storm. I will, therefore, interrupt my regular morning schedule and sew Monday through Friday, from 9 to 12, which is my biggest stretch of time available. In the afternoon I'll do the other Mom-house-web-procrastinating-programming-blog stuff and I'll crochet doilies at night, in front of the tv.
At the end of the week I'll tell you what was made.

1 commentaire :

  1. Good luck! Look forward to seeing your progress!

    And that bodice detail looks gorgeous!


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