Queued : A Jr C Design

Jr C handed me this the other day and said: "You got to make this dress Mom!"
"But of course!" I said.
I certainly have a pattern for a sleeveless, form-fitting bodice with an A-line skirt for it (though I might swing for a circle skirt because he loves it when I turn), but I am totally stumped by the fabric. There is nothing remotely looking like this anywhere around here. 
Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to tell me if you come across such fabric wherever you might spot it and report to me : tweet a name, fb a selvage, pin a picture, mail a reference or leave a comment here. If you see something red with yellow flowers, tell me about it. 
I don't think you have to be too literal, red with yellow flowers is the mission, size of said flowers won't matter, cotton is preferred.
Don't you just love that my son sees me as being such a colorful person? I sure do.

4 commentaires :

  1. You might consider doing appliques for the flowers.

  2. Hello @kristin, I did find the perfect fabric from Windham. I am verry happy.

  3. Oh you found some? Good!
    I was going to suggest http://www.fabricland.co.uk/bored%20033.jpg

  4. Jeannie,
    I'd seen that fabric, it was second on my list. Thanks for pointing it out!


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