You have to love a pattern that asks for a bra repair kit in the notions!
I saw that pattern on Sewaholic and I had to have it and make it! Now Tasia and I can have a muumuu sewalong! I have a question for you : have any of you ever sewn an Ikea duvet cover? 

I was at Ikea's the other day and picked this fabric (€1.50m) to make the dress and I am having second thoughts as I also bought a duvet cover on sale and I think it would be such a better choice of fabric.

While pondering that question, you might be entertained by the fact that when in Ikea, you have to cut your own fabric and I was saying to the young lady there that their scissors cut really well and she said you can buy some. So I did! They cost a grand total of €12.98 for the pair. They have a nice weight and the pinking shears really work (I bought some really expensive ones that were frustrating to work with). Consider this a solution for you beginners out there.

My FB fans also know I wanted hem turners and they came in the mail this week. I found them here. They are like hairpins for fabric and I think they'll come in handy when I start working with leather.

More on that later...

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  1. Really, I like the non-duvet cover fabric best for your mumu. But perhaps that's just personal preference - I'm more of a floral than graphic person. Either way, it's a fun pattern, and I think both fabrics would work with the shape.

  2. The debate is still on on this one, the duvet cover is really stiff even washed but I would get more wear out of it in that color. The flowers are huge! I might go look for another fabric option.

  3. Fun! I'll sew a muumuu with you! :)
    I also like the floral option more than the duvet.
    It really asks for a bra repair kit? I wonder what on earth for??

  4. The floral does look like I'll be wearing the catalogue! But I'm up for sewing it up around April, I have to make my coat first....

  5. Pour les pinces à ourlet, c'est marrant parce que j'ai trouvé les même l'autre jour au rayon mercerie du Super U du coin.
    La notion's addict en moi n'a pu s'empêcher de les acheter, mais j'avoue que je ne les ai pas encore utilisées. Je trouve que ta suggestion pour maintenir le cuir en place est à retenir.
    Merci pour le truc

  6. I can't resist not asking to be put into the draw for the pattern. It looks like it should go together quickly and would be lovely for summer.

    The hem clips are very interesting, I've not seen those before, please will you post pictures of them in use for us to see how they work?


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