Clearing House Giveaway

There is not much sewing going on here because I am in the process of moving furniture around to make way for a sewing space where, you know, my sewing machine would stay where it is. I am quite excited by that prospect and both Mr and Jr CarmencitaB are quite happy that the dining/homework/sewing/crafting table will not be squatted anymore by notions and fabric for weeks on end.
When you move your house around, you discover hidden piles of "to be dealt with later" stuff which I am slowly going through. I am cutting magazine pages with nifty couture details and inspiration, making a scrapbook for Jr and generally getting rid of clutter and stuff that pick up dust ( I hate dusting!).
This t-shirt is waiting to be refashioned and I might just do that this week, a quick reward to myself for being such a good girl. I actually picked up 3 of them in a garbage bag, they are not in pristine condition, they have sweat stains and need to be worked on but, if you are inspired and want one for refashioning, tell me what you'd do with it in the comments, I'll send you one.

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