Space Suit Sewing

Space Suit Sewing

Somebody, somewhere is sewing a Space Suit. 
Thanks for the reminder @ Kitsune Noir .

Sewing Is Infinity

I am working in small increments and progress is barely perceptible. I promised to try to sew 20 minutes out of every day, my machine is on the kitchen table, all the pieces are on the counter, but life gets in the way or should I say my record collection gets in the way?
This is one of my most irritating habit : my record collection needs to be in order before I start anything, ain't that weird? One of the few things that I need be done before going into the "sewing zone", is making sure my iTunes collection is shipshape. I need all the little pictures for the songs and albums and my chosen songlist, usually iTunes DJ, Genius is not imaginative enough, culled from songs I don't want to hear on that day and then I can start sewing.
I can sew around children, dishes not done, dust everywhere, hair in battle, legs unshaved but I need a clean iTunes. What's your idiosyncrasy?
Fortunately, if I am not sewing a lot, some people have. Self-Stitched-September is in full swing. It's an entire Flickr Pool of inspiration. There are as many ways you can make a garment as there are seamstresses out there. Sewing is infinity, now that's a concept!

Back In School

There is lots going on in the sewing blog world at the moment : The Selfish Seamtress is moving to Europe,  Gertie has a new book deal, Tasia of Sewaholic is going to sell her own patterns and I am very happy for all of them, new endeavors are so much fun! 
Here, @CarmencitaB central, life got a little kick in the shins as I went back to school last week. I start HTML-CSS classes tomorrow and am quite giddy with the prospect of new learning. Watch this space as it evolves and becomes what I envisioned when I started, but could not do because I lacked knowledge!
In the meantime, I put two little buttons on the side for my Facebook Fanpage and my Twitter feed which will be updated a little more regularly. 
Sewing has not totally halted, but progress is slow, I'll keep you posted.


This young woman has been imprinted in my mind for a while and I don't know if it's because of her absolutely fantastic yellow dress or if it's because she looks so forlorn in it. If I wore such a wonderful dress, it would make me happy all day but she just looks like she's waiting outside her corridor and she's just realized, that very moment, that she's been stood up or something.
It's the work of Mr Erwin Olaf and it's part of his Hope Series where his subjects all look like they are waiting for something that's not going to come. Wonderful work, really.
Fortunately, things do come, so some days, we do get to look happy in yellow dresses.

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