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Did I confess to being envious of all of the sewicalists' get-together because they looked liked they were having too much fun? Well yes they are having fun! The MontrĂ©al meet-up was just like the other meet-ups, but bilingual (this is what makes MontrĂ©al so great) so much so, that I didn't take any pictures, I was too busy happily yapping away. 
In this picture I stole from Vicki (thank you so much for setting this up) you can see exactly what happened, it was love at first sight. We were sporting our best or newest dresses, skirts and tops but were totally bested by Shannon's kid new bonnet, she was just so cute! 
We ate, drank, shared, laughed, bought fabric, swapped patterns, fabrics and notions. Jalie sent some gift measuring tapes (thank you!) and I made pincushion rings (Rhonda, yours is coming!).
The MontrĂ©al meet up was so much fun Caroline is already planning the next one. I will send a shout out when I come back next year and I will be pestering Marie-NoĂ«lle to set sail with me when London has another meet up in the spring. 
Thank you Vicki, Katherine, RenĂ©e, CarolineRhondaShannon, Tammy, Rachel and Julie for coming. See you soon.
J'avais avoué être envieuse de toutes ces couturières qui se rencontrent et qui ont vraiment l'air de rigoler. Ben c'est vrai! La rencontre de Montréal était comme les leurs, animée, drôle mais en plus elle était bilingue (c'est ce qui fait de Montréal une ville vraiment unique). J'ai tellement eu de fun, occupée que j'étais à jaser avec tout le monde, que j'ai oublié de prendre des photos.
Celle que j'ai volé à Vicki, illustre bien ce qui s'est passé, je suis tombée en amour. On a toutes porté nos petits chemisiers, nos belles robes, mais la plus belle, c'était la fille de Shannon avec son petit bonnet, elle était trop belle!
On a mangĂ©, bu, Ă©changĂ©, ri, achetĂ© du tissu, partagĂ© des cadeaux offerts par Jalie (merci beaucoup!) et j'avais fais des bagues pique-Ă©pingles (la tienne arrive Rhonda!). 
La rencontre de MontrĂ©al Ă©tait tellement chouette que Caroline planifie la prochaine et quand je reviendrai je vais rameuter la compagnie et je vais harceler Marie-NoĂ«lle pour qu'elle vienne avec moi Ă  Londres au printemps. 
Merci Vicki, Katherine, RenĂ©e, CarolineRhondaShannon, Tammy, Rachel and Julie d'ĂŞtre venues. A bientĂ´t!

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  1. I took more photos, but I just have to get my shit together to do another blog post! Soon, soon.....

  2. Thanks for the presents, and the compliments! I also forgot to take pictures :( But I'm glad that more will be coming soon. Hope to see you next time you are in town.

  3. Oh looks like such fun. The dress looks fantastic and I am envious of both - dress and meet up!

  4. Awww, so happy for you Carmen!! Looks like you had a terrific time in Montreal. I've been to 3 sewing meet-ups now and can agree that they are just bliss. Surrounded by folks with your same interests and you get to go fabric and pattern shopping!! I've not been sewing shopping in Montreal, would love to go one day soon.

  5. Je ne suis pas étonnée que cette meet up fut un succès. Je retiens le printemps ca nous laisse le temps, super!!!


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