Coin Flippin' / Pile ou Face

The winner of the Olfa Compass Cutter giveaway is Andrea!
She is into photography, so I'm pretty sure she'll use it. Andrea and I share the love for Liberty Nike sneakers (I just ordered another pair yesterday) and Ikea fabric. I'll send BĂ©rĂ©nice a little consolation surprise too. 
A big thank you to Minerva Crafts for letting me host this giveaway. They were very gracious with my failure to use their very cool tool.
La gagnante du Cutter Compas Olfa est Andrea!
Andrea aime la photographie, je suis certaine qu'elle va l'utiliser. Andrea et moi adorons les Nike Liberty (j'en ai commandĂ© une autre paire hier) et le tissu Ikea. 
Je vais aussi envoyer une petite surprise de consolation à Bérénice.
Un grand merci Ă  Minerva Crafts qui ont Ă©tĂ© très courtois vu mon impuissance Ă  utiliser leur outil correctement.

2 commentaires :

  1. How is it that until I read this I didn't know there were Liberty Nike shoes? They are awesome. I truly must live under a rock.

  2. I suffer year round of mailbox spam newsletters so I can get that one about Nikes!


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