Ladies and Gentlemen, This is The Coat

It is impossible to photograph this coat!
Yes, it is that bright and yes, I stand out like a sore thumb, I so stand out that more people have asked me for directions in the past week than in my entire life!
When wearing a coat this bright, you realize nobody else wears colors in winter. We navigate in a sea of navy blue, black, grey, occasional beige-brown and when lucky some red, which I find really depressing. What better way to cheer yourself up in grey mid-winter 0°C weather than to wear something almost fluorescent.
The good part about not being able to photograph this is that you can't see all the mistakes. I'm cursed you know, that's all I see even though I know that ultimately it doesn't matter, people will be blinded by the color, not my awful top-stitching.
It's so bright that if you want to nitpick, you got to wear shades!

ps for the people who have noticed : I didn't do my huge Vuitton inspired bound buttonholes, one of the mistakes I made is that I didn't re-draft the facing and so I wasn't able to put them in. Zut!
pps Sherry come back we miss you and thank you so much for all the information you have shared with us.
ppps Merci Michèle!

7 commentaires :

  1. This is stunning! What an amazing colour and the button holes are RAD!

  2. Beautiful. Bright colours are great at any time if year but especially in winter.

  3. lovely, stunning, well done. im busy with the vogue 8550 in red! its also been stop n start for a while now but I WILL finish :) i agree, the sea of black, grey & navy at winter is nauseating! hooray for brights in winter.

  4. It's gorgeous. Awesome splash if colour in the naff winter grey!! Love it.

  5. You did an outstanding job on the coat!


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