Extreme Recycling

Janine And Her Amazing Collection Of Handwoven Blankets

One of my favorite places to shop when I visit my Mom is at my aunt Janine's guest bedroom.
My aunt make the most wonderful, amazing handwoven cotton dish towels on earth and I usually drop by her place to buy some as they make the most excellent gifts.

My Recycled Plastic Bags Shopping Bag

Janine weaves every day. She weaves rag blankets and rugs, dish towels, tablecloths and tablemats. It's a real pleasure to have all of this handmade linen at home and a real source of pride. In recent years, she has started weaving plastic bags to make really cool shoppers. Plastic bags you say? Yes, women in my family collect bread plastic wrappers so my aunt Janine can weave them. Once woven, they get sent out to my aunt Pauline who sews them up. How's that for recycling?

Plastic Bags On The Loom

I went a little overboard this year as I didn't only take dish towels, but tablemats and a bag and some smaller stuff like this crocheted dishcloth with glitter, it's so cool!

This Year's Loot

One of the thing I'd like to do next time I go, is to spend quality time with Janine et Pauline to learn more about weaving. It's still a mystery.

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