The Jason Epilogue

Meet Jean-Louis. 
Jean-Louis is a austringer (meaning he hunts with eagles). He is holding a year old Blue Chilean Eagle and modeling his brand new JasonJohn G Hardy tweed vest. He is an amazing guy, the kind of person who changes your life when you meet them and Mr C wanted to thank him so I made him a vest.

Pretty good considering I fitted him through Skype. 
If you are a follower of this blog, you know I have been agonizing over the buttonholes, and I am sad to report that I choked. I didn't trust myself to make 7 perfect identical buttonholes.

Jean-Louis has special ordered some pretty hunt buttons for his French Austringer Club and that made me very very nervous, so I corded the buttonholes instead. Cording you say? 

If you've been wondering what's the little thingy in the back and the grooves in the front on your buttonhole foot are for, this is it. It's a cool sewing machine trick which gives some depth and texture to your buttonhole and makes it more durable as well. There is an excellent tutorial here and a PDF there
I'll be using this trick again for sure, the result is really neat.

4 commentaires :

  1. Bravo Carmen, tu peux être fière de ton gilet, il est digne de son propriétaire qui a vraiment fière allure. Les boutonnières ce sera pour une prochaine fois. Le fit est parfait. Je comprends ton trac, coudre pour les autres ça met bien la pression, je de quoi je parles je suis en plein dedans.

  2. Merci Marie-Noëlle, je compatis et j'ai hâte de voir tes jupes.

  3. Carmen, that vest is fantastic! The matching plaids are very impressive, and fitted via Skype! I've been avoiding learning to do machine button holes (Always did them by hand when I was younger) so I'll have to check out your blog when I'm ready to break down and learn to do it. Jean-Louis is much more stylish than any hunter I've ever seen in the US.

    1. Thanks! My machine makes awful buttonholes, but these came out fine.


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