Bonjour de Montréal!
Sewing news being few and far between, I thought I'd update you on my total failure to find good sewing tools. / Les manchettes concernant la couture sont si Ă©parses, je ne peux que vous raconter que ma mission outils de couture est un Ă©chec!
So here I am, waiting to get in where anybody wearing his famous stripes is getting half price. / Alors en attendant de trouver, j'ai observé les gens qui, porteurs des fameuses rayures, ont eu moitié prix.
I like Jean-Paul Gaultier, he's just so much fun, both in his work and general demeanour, but this exhibit will not leave a lasting impression like the St-Laurent one I saw here 2 years ago. Not because the work is not fantastic, but because there were so little of it. I came out of there hungry for more. / J'aime Jean-Paul Gaultier, j'aime son attitude et son travail, mais cette exposition m'a laissé sur ma faim, contrairement à l'exposition Yves St-Laurent que j'ai vu ici il y a 2 ans, et j'aurais aimé en voir plus.

So impressed by / Agustina Woodgate / m'impressionne


Hand-sewn stuffed animal skins / Peluches cousues main

Crochet Leftovers / Des Restes de Crochet

That's it, that's all! / C'est tout ce qui reste!
I stayed awake at night trying to find an elegant way to attach the doilies to the skirt an here is what I did. I attached a cotton ribbon on the waistline with a zigzag stitch. / Je me suis réveillée la nuit en essayant de trouver une manière élégante d'attacher les napperons à la jupe et voici ce que j'ai fait. J'ai cousu du ruban coton sur taille.
I put in a large bias, serged the seam allowance, put in an invisible zipper and then stitched in the ditch. / J'ai cousu un biais très large, surjeté l'intérieur, inséré une fermeture invisible, j'ai replié et refermé.
It should hold, as this is quite heavy. / C'est lourd, mais ça devrait tenir.
All I have to do is fill the holes with the little flowers. It'll be ready! / Tout ce qui me reste à faire, c'est boucher les trous avec les petites fleurs. Ça va être prêt à temps.

Going Going Gone!

Identical dresses not made by me

I'm on my way!
The Doily Skirt is going to travel unfinished, though I'll be bringing a book on the plane and not a crochet hook! 
All sewing related infos will be cross posted on here, Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter with the help of the wonderful Posterous service from my smart phone. So modern!
Expect snippets about some exciting tool purchases, updates on the doily skirt and maybe some Sewing For Two action.
We have a couple of parties to organize, friends to see, family to cuddle with, so I'll be busy. Have a great time, I'll see you on my return.
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