Bonjour de Montréal!
Sewing news being few and far between, I thought I'd update you on my total failure to find good sewing tools. / Les manchettes concernant la couture sont si Ă©parses, je ne peux que vous raconter que ma mission outils de couture est un Ă©chec!
So here I am, waiting to get in where anybody wearing his famous stripes is getting half price. / Alors en attendant de trouver, j'ai observé les gens qui, porteurs des fameuses rayures, ont eu moitié prix.
I like Jean-Paul Gaultier, he's just so much fun, both in his work and general demeanour, but this exhibit will not leave a lasting impression like the St-Laurent one I saw here 2 years ago. Not because the work is not fantastic, but because there were so little of it. I came out of there hungry for more. / J'aime Jean-Paul Gaultier, j'aime son attitude et son travail, mais cette exposition m'a laissé sur ma faim, contrairement à l'exposition Yves St-Laurent que j'ai vu ici il y a 2 ans, et j'aurais aimé en voir plus.
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