May 22nd and 24th : Skirts

These are just a couple of skirts, May 22nd is the Nicole Miller I told you about, a tried and true pattern.

And this one is a 15 year old! It's a Modes et Travaux pattern, which I cannot find. If I find it again, I'll post it because it's a 12 piece skirt with godets and it's perfect to go dancing.

May 21st and 23rd : Histoire de robe/Dress History

May 23rd

Toutes mes robes ont une histoire à raconter. Je les ai faites pour une occasion particulière, pour un état d'esprit ou l'apprentissage d'une nouvelle technique de couture, le tissu est spécial (merci encore Suzanne!) ou le patron m'a été offert. En les portant, je retrouve chaque histoire.
Celles-ci, je les ai faites en attendant, une attente longue, difficile et déstabilisante pendant laquelle j'ai beaucoup cousu, un geste salvateur.

May 21st

Every dress I've made has a history. I made them for a special occasion, a mood I was in, to learn a new sewing technique, the fabric is special (thanks Suzanne!) or the pattern was offered. When I put them on, I can relive their histories.
I made these whilst waiting, an extremely long, painful and unsettling waiting period. Salvation came in sewing.

May 20th : More Sewing For Two

These Diane Von Furstenberg deserved a different post, everything about them is a blessing.
The fabric comes from a shop that was closing in my Mom's village and I got it for nothing, the pattern is perfect for the fabric, they were made in 2005 for my vernissage at The Stewart Hall Art Gallery in Pointe-Claire where I showed my Twins project that Zeke was nice enough to think worthy of showing.
The project involved making an entire wardrobe for me and my sister to go on a trip which we never made. But she is a good sport and she will wear everything I tell her to, a true blessing right there.

Me-Made-May : The Update

I've been Sidetracked but it was a good thing. Look at those totally KawaĂŻ bags. (They are gifts, but I can show them, the recipients don't have web access).
Frankly, it wasn't very interesting anyway, here is a picture heavy post, to catch up, nothing very particular about what I've been wearing, the weather was awful so lotsa layers involved, but today is beautiful, so I am wearing a wedding dress to celebrate! More on that later.

May 13th, Living Colour t-shirt refashion. My favorite, it got so much wear, I had to dye it again. BTW, I did see them in Paris in 91!

May 14th, 4 pannels skirt, t-shirt refashion.

May 15-16th, slow day at the ranch, Burda Kimono T refashion. Another concert I've seen, in Nantes in 93-94.

May 17th, another cut up t-shirt. I should count them!

May 18th, too cold for comfort, this is a wool Nicole Miller top that I lined in polarfleece for a job where I had to work outside in November. I am getting seriously depressed by this weather now...

I've made the skirt several times, if the weather holds out, I'll show you.

May 19th, Kenzo skirt I've talked about already.
That's it for now. Hope I didn't bore you. See you later!
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