iPhone Cover


I don't talk much about handmade doodads that I can't wear, I don't find them difficult nor interesting to make and because of that, I whip them up, use them and forget I made them. 


Yesterday, Tasia from Sewaholic asked about laptop cases on her Facebook fanpage (here is mine) and I promised pictures so here they are. It is made with a 70's polyester print, a large bit of elastic as a closure and I lined it with a padded cleaning cloth so my screen gets cleaned every time I put the phone in it. This is the one, really good idea worth sharing I think.


I made it BISB (before I started blogging) 3 years ago and frankly, not too much thought was put into cutting it and being precise with the sewing, but, I use it everyday and it does it's job wonderfully : keeping the phone screen away from keys and loose change at the bottom of my handbag. Utilitarian sewing at it's best.
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